Do you know the best way to make a dream come true?

Before I answer that question, I think I should let you know I’ve ripped it off from the film Excess Baggage.

I’m Lauren but you can call me Elle (like the letter L). At this point in my life, my late Twenties (yikes!), I’m a graduate of the College of Saint Rose. I earned a BA in English with a minor in Writing and Communications. Since I’m a decent writer I figured I would work on making myself a great writer by blogging once in a while. I never knew studying Communications was a real thing until I got to College. I took it on because I love to watch movies and I figured I would delve into the behind the scenes aspect. Also, my dream job would be holding the position of Editor at a book publishing company. English, Writing, and Communications all meet in the world of books and so it was only right I got my degree in all three. I never spent anytime actually working with books in school so I never applied to any book agencies. After a string of well paying jobs (From the New York State of Health to Southwest Airlines) & exciting vacations ( From Venice Beach to the Sahara Desert ) I decided to test the waters of being a Travel Consultant. As of 2019 you can find me at Burke Avenue Baptist Church in the Bronx at least 4 out of 7 days.

In a perfect world: I’d be a travelling English Teacher (or ESL teacher). My dream destinations for work are Abu Dhabi (they pay the most) & Benin or Togo (because Ancestry.com claims that region is 25% of my DNA)

My dream destinations for travel include Victoria Falls, Cuba, Hawaii, Curacao, Costa Rica, Venice, Iceland, and the list is still growing.

So, how do you make a dream come true?

Wake up.



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